Christmas in review

Favorite quote from Christmas morning as the kids pulled their toys out of their stockings: "Santa gets all his stuff from China" my daughter remarked. And get your dog smart enough to know what a stocking is for?

We spent a great deal of time in our house for our last Christmas at this house. Our annual trip to Lafayette for Christmas Eve was cancelled due to the ice and Christmas day at my folks was cancelled due to sickness. I was going stir-crazy so we caught a movie and had dinner out on Christmas-going against everything I believe. Ultimately we did get to mom & dad' I took a walk through the field and shot this picture on a snowy Sunday after Christmas.

My kids and I plotted out our garden at the farm.....we spent time circling items out of Burpee's and Gurney's. If you don't know what those in the world are we ever going to relate once we move?
I also spent some time budgeting and staging on paper the move....which we anxiously await. And to "envision" what the place will look like I did this color rendering of what the home will look like post-restoration.


Anonymous said…
Sweet renderings! sure I know those seed catalogs! Do you think the front door is in it original position now? Looks like you are not envisioning moving it? Wingman
hoosier reborn said…
Up for debate on the door and we won't know for sure until we remove the siding. Most likely it was either in the center or there was a second door to keep the front symmetrical. Spoke to the owner and her 90 yr old father says only one door, but it could have been changed 100+ years ago.

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