where the Hill have you been?

My blogging is pathetic. I do have an excuse though.

We officially signed our offer on Sycamore Hill last Wednesday. At the same time we signed documents listing our home in river city. Our place officially went on the market last Thursday morning and we had our first showing that afternoon.

Thursday morning my "motherboard" gave up the ghost in my 2 year old computer. I was without a computer (and, thus, work) until Tuesday this week, and then not running at full capacity until yesterday. During my "time off" I hurriedly patched and painted this old house using some gallons that haven't been open in nearly 11 years.

Monday evening we had our second showing. On Tuesday both couples who had looked at our place wanted to come back and take a second look. We had an offer Tuesday evening. Wednesday we countered and today we settled. So, in one week's time, we signed a purchase agreement, put our house on the market, spent two days sprucing it up, watched my computer die and then bought and setup a new one, and accepted an offer on our current house.

In this market? Yep. Isn't that crazy? So barring any unforeseen problems with inspections-it looks like we've bought ourselves a farm. More on the farm later!


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