the President's Speech to the kiddos

Well, the right wing of my party warned me about exposing my kids to the President's brainwashing.....I should've listened based on the script release of the President's speech to school children across the country today. It will take me a long, long time to straighten them out. But don't take my word for it. Here are some excerpts from the speech:

My fellow, uh, I mean Americans. You hold the power to turn this country to the dark side! We need more people like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich and giving to the poor....and we need to do it through taxes! We Democrats know what is best for tell your parents that.....we'll take care of you. Go ahead now, drop out of school and get pregnant because that's when our party will really shine for you.

Work? Who wants to work, right? You need to let the rich work and support you....that's the only way to live. The more we redistribute their wealth the happier everyone will be. Oh yeah, now, don't forget Republicans are bad people....they want to let you rot in the street and hold you down. I want you to live free.......go out and have sex, do it, right now! And I don't care with who.

Finally, you need to quit going to church....that's let mother earth be your sanctuary. Go out and hug some trees. And while you're doing that, go stand in a welfare line and demand your food stamps and welfare check....Uncle Barack is gonna take good care of you. Now, for your homework, I want you to take home those coloring sheets of Nancy Pelosi dressed as deity, and smoke some crack while coloring....the colors are more vibrant that way.

For crying out loud.....what did these folks think he was going to say? This debate over the President speaking to our school children fueled by right wing talk show hosts, creating an insidious rage among parents is probably a new low for my party. I was probably the biggest Reagan fan there was and as little I thought of Bill Clinton, I would have been happy if Bill had used his presidency to encourage kids to make wise choices, study and stay in school. What on earth have we become? People actually saying that the President was going to brainwash our kids? Calling it propaganda for Nazism and Socialism? Do those people even know what that is? Please tell me that this isn't really happening in our country.....that people are not this gullible to buy into this crap.....and so full of hate to espouse it.

These are actual excerpts:

"I expect you to get serious this year, I expect you to put your best effort into everything you do. I expect great things from each of you. So don't let us down — don't let your family or your country or yourself down. Make us all proud. I know you can do it."

Despite the schools that blacked out the president because of parent protests, which were most vehement in Republican areas, his brainwashing did get out (God forbid). I heard one commentator say that if this kind of speech is socialism, then 80% of mom and dad's in this country must be socialists. Those who protested this should be feeling pretty stupid today-except for those who only wanted higher ratings....they're laughing at you. Way to go parents!

I might also add that the last three Republican presidents also addressed school children....can you imagine folks protesting President Reagan speaking to our kids here in river city? They likely would have been tarred & feathered.....although I think we were much more civil to each other back then.


Anonymous said…
What about that Rep. Joe Wilson from SC....what a classy guy???? Boy what a role model!!!
Penny Lane said…
Our world is upside-down. I consider myself a true independent - conservative on spending, liberal on social issues BUT these Republicans are acting like idiots! I don't know what is worse - the cry babies in Washington or the powers that be in Plymouth selling out our garbage service so we can put trash in our front yards and all over Michigan Street for everyone to see. I AM DISGUSTED. P.S. check out the balance sheet for the City of Plymouth. You will be SHOCKED at how many millions are sitting there gathering dust while are city crumbles.
PNW Hoosier said…
Unfortunately, that is the tone of the "debate" everywhere right now. MV is rather moderate for this part of the PNW. Currently, we have a rather poisonous feud going in our community over the mayor's plan to give Glenn Beck the key to our town. When he was younger, Beck lived in MV and is reportedly going to attend the event later this month. Six of our town's seven council members refused tickets to the event.

The mayor's plans have ignited quite a firestorm and the local paper has been flooded with letters from both sides of the "debate". This "debate" has consisted of the fringes of both sides spouting how evil anyone who doesn't agree with are. If this was just a community disagreement, that would be one thing, however, letters have been pouring in from all over the country and Canada. Lately, the letter writers have been calling for a boycott of businesses in our town. The mayor of a nearby town has decided to weigh in by bestowing the key to his town to Jon Stewart to illustrate how "enlightened" his community is.

I used to listen to Beck's program before he migrated to the FOX News Network. I appreciated the fact that he would call out anyone, regardless of party affiliation, that was not serving the American people in their elected position. Since he made the move, he has ratcheted up his rhetoric to a point that I find him unwatchable.

If people would channel just a fraction of the energy and zeal they put into arguing with the other side into actually doing something positive for their community, I think every community would benefit.
hoosier reborn said…
Anon-the Joe Wilson comment was so over the top; frankly I couldn't believe my ears...a real southern gentlemen-his mom and dad must be proud.

Penny Lane-yes, I got my first taste of what a beautiful mess they've made of river city's greatest asset. The more amazing thing is how they are patting themselves on the back for cutting the budget by a piddly amount-when in fact it should be huge since doing away with such a burden on the taxpayers...but heck, it ain't about that, is it?

Aren't you lucky to be home to Glen Beck. I didn't know who this guy was until I heard some excerpts from his show...then became frightened at how many of my Christian friends think this guy is the berries. I'd refuse to go to. Your last paragraph is right on and I pray that eventually us common-sense folk will be in the majority and move the country forward for the sake of our kids, not ratings or politics.
Anonymous said…
think you will get a kick out of this video... :)
Anonymous said…
helps if i put the link!
Ishmael said…
Well my friends you got trouble - right here in River City!.....heed the telltale signs of our kids now know about the evil of socialism?!?.....first medicinal wine from a teaspoon - then beer from a bottle!
Anonymous said…
The extremists have hijacked the GOP and are making their absolute best efforts to terrorize everyone they can reach and intimidate with everything and anything they think might even remotely stick to the wall. It's a sad day with the Republicans have acted so shamefully that they are the reason children, as well as adults, will not trust any government for a generation or two. The jackalopes wanted the mistrust to be for a "term or two" (hmmm, wonder why?) but WAY overshot it and it's going to haunt them far more than anyone else. I used to indicate I was a moderate Republican, no longer. I, as many, would never revisit such a den of serpents as this GOP.
PNW Hoosier said…
Unfortunately, it isn't only the Republicans that are engaging in this type of behavior.

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