Good eye for a 7 year old!

Ever wonder what the world looks like through the eyes of a 7 year old? On our Saturday trip my little girl asked to use the camera a number of times. Usually I'm a bit protective of the camera since it assists in making my livelihood. But I relented and was pleasantly surprised....I think she might have an eye for shooting. We stopped by a family cemetery and one room schoolhouse (more on these later). Then after we stopped for gas, she got the camera and shot all the way home.

At the end of our trip we stopped at the Flagpole in Rochester which has the best ice cream in Northern Indiana-well, equal to the Char-Bette in Logansport maybe....but I think they have the same supplier. I told her to hop up on "Sandy" the horse so I could take a picture. Then I stuck a quarter in and to my surprise...Sandy worked. I remember a horse like this in our old grocery store that I would beg my mom to let me ride. My daughter, on the other hand, begged to get off this thing that jerked around like a true bronco. I don't remember my childhood horse ride being that rough, but then those were the days before car seats. Were we tougher back then?


Anonymous said…
looks like that well and outhouse meet the requirement of 50 feet of seperation. Were there any lilac bushes near the outhouse, natures air fresheners!
Anonymous said…
Hi, Thank you for the information on Prill school and the photos! It's the first I found that wasnt talking about a ghost.Refreshing. I was bored tonight and typed my address on google. To my surprise it came up with a listing of an Adella Garner, daughter of John and phebe Prill, who passed away in my home in 1930. I had heard of Prill school and wondered if there were a connection. I love history and like I said, I was bored. So I started searching. That's how I found your page, which is very enjoyable btw. You mentioned that phebe passed in 1867 during the birth of your grandmother. Adella was born in 1867. Im wondering now if Adella was your grandmother? Is the school open to the public because I would love to visit it? Hope to hear from you. Thanks and God bless.

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