Garden-variety insanity

Of course everything in the garden ripened just days before we left on vacation. That left us scrambling to find people to take fresh produce off our hands and to come pick while we were gone all last week.

From 3 hills of watermelon plants we have/had 16 large, amazingly tasty watermelons. From the same number of cantaloupe plants we had 17 juicy melons. We picked our third wheel barrel load of cucumbers that we unloaded at church (the one in the picture was as long as my knee to the ground). We picked corn and beans like there was no tomorrow and tomatoes are coming out our ears.

The last measurement taken of the largest sunflower stands at 12' and it hasn't stopped growing. One stalk of Indian corn has 7 ears on it. There's no doubt with all the heat and rain-this was a good year for gardening!


Lisa P said…
So jealous--we're missing the heat this year, so we have tons of lush plant with unripe fruit! Arg!

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