big Nashville

The wife & kids in downtown Nashville
Big opposed to lil' Nashville, has had an allure to my wife ever since she devoted her heart to country music many years ago.  Think of her great joy when our nephew announced he was getting married in the heart of the city, which prompted a road trip last May.  I mean, I get it, I like country music as well, though that's been declining in the last year, but here was my wife giddy with the prospect of seeing  someone of fame in the land of country music.

Lunch on the back alley patio at Jack's BBQ
The famous Ryman Auditorium with stage backdrop from Prairie Home Companion
But it was to my surprise that we happened upon the stage crew of Prairie Home Companion setting up for a performance in Ryman Auditorium in downtown Nashville.  Might as well had been Rascal Flatts setting up to me.  And the BBQ was excellent, of course.

My nephew-the bearded & suspendered groom
The wedding, which seemed appropriately Nashville-themed, was great.  And I'm feeding my wife's county music addiction with tickets to the Band Perry next month in Wabash.


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