Back to Court-3 more of Indiana's greats

My summer travels during 2015 caused me to pass by several more of Indiana's courthouses and true architectural gems.  From Fulton County's courthouse in Rochester (above), to Jasper's Dubois County Courthouse (below), again, this is one thing that Indiana's early county officials did right!  Fulton County's courthouse was built in 1895-1896 and designed by Edwin Rush.  The Romanesque building prominently features lions that guard its entrances.

The Dubois County Courthouse features massive porticos on each side in the Classical style.  Its position in the center of Jasper on a slight rise emphasizes its height.  We stopped in Jasper to eat at one of their famous German restaurants on the way to Holiday World.  It was the only time it wasn't raining.  The building was built in 1909-1911 and designed by a Washington D.C. firm.

No, that's not the famous golden dome, it's the Vigo County Courthouse in downtown Terre Haute.  The building has strong French leanings and was built in 1884-1885 and designed by Samuel Hannaford of Cincinnati.  The building features prominently in downtown Terre Haute because of so much change in the historic context surrounding the building.  I snapped this shot at a stoplight while working at nearby St. Mary-of-the-Woods.


Jim Grey said…
I wonder what kind of county courthouses we'd build today. Pole barns, probably. Sorry, that was cynical. But can you imagine the public outcry if we tried to build something so lovely today? "Such a waste of taxpayer money!!!!!1!"

I love the Vigo County courthouse, but then, I lived in Vigo County for nine years. Once upon time, the National Road passed right by it on its north side.

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