The Seven Pillars of the Mississinewa.....and places to eat in Peru

Our preservation group's day-trip in Miami County
For those of you who think that interesting geological formations are restricted to locations outside of Indiana, or possibly along the Ohio River, I have a few things to inform you of, well, seven actually.  Our preservation organization spent the better part of a day touring several Miami County sites including the museum in downtown Peru, and a few Cole Porter sites in the community.  But it was the "7 Pillars" as they are known that stole the show for me.

The wind and water-shaped formations along the north bank of the Mississinewa River have an ancient past and are considered a sacred site by the Miami Indians.  The Pillars are located about three miles east of Peru along the Francis Slocum Trail.  This corridor is steeped in Indiana history as well from the time the Miami villages were swept through by troops for removal in 1812.  The Battle of Mississinewa was one of the first directives of General William Henry Harrison in the War of 1812.

a BIG tenderloin sandwich at Homer's in Peru
If you visit the site, you have to view it from the south bank to fully appreciate it.  A viewing area for the public is provided, though not the easiest to find.  I might also recommend sharing a tenderloin with someone if you eat at Homer's on Canal Street in Peru.  People warned me, but I just didn't believe them.

If milkshakes and chili dogs are more your thing, then try Mr. Weenies on Old 31 north of the my buddy can attest.

Mr. Weenie (on the right) and a buddy of mine in Peru


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