All Life Day

A blog post began to roll around in my head last Friday after hearing that yesterday would be our annual observance of the sanctity of life.  I began to think of the life that we so often overlook on a daily basis, including those of the unborn.  I remember a message delivered by my pastor more than twenty years ago about the coming danger in a general lack of respect for life.  I remember him saying that when we allow our children to kill or otherwise harm the most helpless of God's creation, that it allows a dulling of our conscience in the care for all life.  He was a critic of violence on television and movies and video games.  And that was 20 years ago.  Before Columbine, Virginia Tech, Newtown, and now in our backyard, before Elkhart.

Life:  regardless of religion.
Life:  regardless of the color of their skin.

In recognizing "sanctity of life day" our pastor gave words to this yet unformed post.  All life.  We believe in the sanctity of all life, because all life is God-breathed.  Unfortunately for some, it dulls the political sword we want to wield to recognize that all life is sacred.  But it is in recognizing this that we can ever hope for change.  Our yelling can seem like a sounding brass, if there isn't love for all life.

Life:  regardless of choices that have been made.
All life, regardless of the choices that have been made.  Regardless of the circumstances into which they were born.  Regardless of the color of skin.  Regardless of religion.  God is the creator of all life.  Not just those that look like, think like, believe like us.  And while it pangs my heart to think of the lives snuffed out from abortion, don't we in our words-our choices-our minds-our spirits, take a knife to life around us?

Life:  regardless of circumstances into which they were born.
Sanctity of life is as much a choice in our own spiritual condition as it is for the mother who ends a beating heart.  Is it up to us to choose to which life we ascribe value?  Do we think others are merely circumstances of the fall and not our responsibility?  In every beating heart the life from God can be found.  We must only see them the way He does, and respond in His love.


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