Hunter's Paradise

It never ceases to amaze me as I travel down these Hoosier roads, stumbling into small towns, the unforgettable people I meet.  And certainly the unforgettable things I see.

Such was the case when I landed in LaFontaine earlier this year.  LaFontaine is a little town between Wabash and Marion, Indiana, slightly off the beaten path after Highway 15 bypassed the burg years ago.  Taking an abbreviated walking tour of the town, it became evident to me that the folks here are very proud of their history.  But it was the barber, who called my touring partner and me into his shop, who took the prize for....well...."most bizarre" decorating.

As I was lost in the jungle of taxidermy trophies on his wall, a certain distraction for anyone, he pushed a track into my hand as I'm sure he thought he had a soul caught in his cross-hairs.  I smiled back and said that God's arrow hit me many years ago........well, not exactly in those words.  And then I wondered about the poor souls hanging on his walls.

I'm not a hunter and never had the inclination to shoot a gun, really.  But I have to admit that his trophy-covered walls in this little downtown storefront put a big smile on my face.  So this post goes out to all my gun-totin', bow-pullin' buddies out there.  Happy hunting, wear some orange, and don't end up on anyone's trophy wall this season.


Jim said…
This is why we travel the back roads!

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