Celebrating 14 incredible years today! I love you babe!

It  was a warm October afternoon, much like today, when the best thing that has ever happened in my life unfolded before me.  Fourteen years later....through a lot of ups and downs.....God continues to show me just how lucky I am.  And if I could attribute the strength of those fourteen years to anything other than our common love for each other and God, it would have to be the examples we have in our parents.  This year marks 100 years combined wedded experience between our folks.  That's a lot of love, and a lot of wisdom.  What will 50 years look like for us babe?


Anonymous said…
Congratulations to you both and also to you all.

Wishing you at least 36 more happy and healthy years as you discover together what your 50th will hold.

Out West...

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