Happy Flag Day!

Recently I went on a flag binge and purchased 3 new flags........two of which were necessary.  There was a fourth flag I wanted that was a replica of an 1865 stars and strips, which would have been the year during which our farmhouse was constructed.  It was used for only three years, after Nevada became the 36th state, and replaced the flag most recognized during the Civil War.  Alas, it was $90 and I thought it would be hard to justify......at least for now.

My step grandfather gave me a large state flag that was used for a ceremony in the State Capitol building once.  It needed an American flag to fly with it, so now the two grace the large barn door openings on the farm.  Perfect for holidays and family reunions.....but probably not weddings like we have coming up in September.

So fly your stars and stripes high tomorrow.........I'm doing it in grand 'ol style.


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