Class of '87...25 years ago

Grace's Class of 1987-I'm middle-right
There is a reason why 25ths are associated with silver.  I think primarily it is due to the streaks of silver that begin to show on one's head leading up to certain 25 year celebrations.  I must be due for a 25th.

And a week or so ago I realized, while calculating someones age based on their birth year, whoa-ho....2012 should mark my 25th class reunion.  And within a few days of that realization it must have hit one of my fellow classmates because she sent a facebook message suggesting we plan an event.

Now, what makes things both extremely easy, and difficult maybe, with my class of '87 is its large number of graduates:  6.  Six people are easy enough to communicate with....although one guy has disappeared, his whereabouts from the time he was last in Wisconsin are unknown.  But then you can't just set a date and say, "well who comes, comes.."  That's not right.  So....we're hoping that the other two who moved out of state can make it back home again to Indiana this year.  Our 10 year reunion was particularly easy to plan....half of our class happened to run into each other on sidewalk days in 1997 and planned it right then and there.  I'm looking forward to this year's reunion.

Now in honor of probably the best year ever.....yes, still talking about is some trivia from 25 years ago:

Ronald Reagan was still President....though Ollie North's popularity was surpassing the Gipper's.  Both televangelist Jimmy Bakker and Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart found their demise due to their respective affairs.

The New York Giants were Superbowl XXI Champs while our own IU won the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

Most famous quote of 1987?  "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall"  Wall or not, Gorby was Time's man of the year, but Spuds McKenzie was the people's choice.

The Last Emperor won best film.  Shelly Long (Indiana's own) left Cheers and the Cosby Show ranked #1.  And what song was #1 when I graduated?  U2's With or Without You.

While some people can look back and say they'd change nothing about high school.....I realized some time ago, probably because I am such a different guy now than what I was, I would change a lot.  I would have more fun.  I would get in more trouble.....or get in trouble for the right reasons.  I would stick up for people I should have, and probably would have kicked my own butt if I had the values then that I have now.  How can it possibly be 25 years ago?


vanilla said…
Nostalgia is great; but getting together again with the old gang is truly something to anticipate and enjoy. Happy for you. Oh, and congratulations on having graduated. Long live the Class of '87!
Guy from Class of '52.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like great fun and do please post your thoughts and experiences from the grand event.

See you in a few years for our 25th!
hoosier reborn said…
Thanks Vanilla.

And looking forward to seeing the CMA alum too (?)

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