things that make you grin

Several weeks ago I drove past these corn cribs for the first time. They are situated on a high ridge above the county road near Milford. The first time I drove by a great big grin developed on my face. I'm not sure why. They appear to be guarding the ridge like sentinels. But they also remind me of kitchen canisters. Now I look forward to rounding the bend and dipping with the road just before these guys appear to the south. And each time they make me grin.

Ever encounter that unexpected sense of happiness on a drive?


Anonymous said…
This may sound corny, but every time I see a dog's head poking out a car window, I don't care how grumpy, sad, etc., I may feel, I grin from ear to ear.
hoosier reborn said…
Good one...same here. Anytime I see a dog with his nose to the wind I crack up.
Anonymous said…
will those look like three diner sugar shakers to me..... seeing someone or me patting on a babies mouth when they are saying ah and playing a little tune always make me smile wingman

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