Fall at Home

We haven't had that many sunny days this fall. Or temperate days for that matter to enjoy the color. So over the last few days when the sun finally broke through the clouds and it was warm enough to enjoy the outdoors I picked up the camera and started shooting.

Here are some pictures from Fall at our home......and I may be biased, but we live on the prettiest street in all of Indiana.


vanilla said…
Very nice. The ladybugs not so much. The picture is wonderful, but here we are inundated with a veritable plague of the beasties.
Lisa P said…
Maybe you aren't biased...it seems like the prettiest street.
hoosier reborn said…
This is one of the good ladybugs, not the Asian pests we imported! I welcome these little ladies.

Nah, I'm biased. I also think we have two of the best trees on the street to further insure my bias. I've had nightmares about the city cutting them down...crazy, I know.
vanilla said…
You are absolutely right, and I should have made the distinction. I see them on my porch swarming together, and I fear the imports are out-numbering the good guys.

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