HR on R&R

The family is wandering Indiana for a few days. I'll be back soon with some great stuff from around our state parks.

It is very possible that we'll be home much sooner since we've been told that we will be asked to leave Turkey Run's premises at midnight tomorrow night if the state doesn't pass a new budget. Wow. If that out!


Russell said…
I have great memories of Turkey Run, Clifty Falls, and many other places all over the state. Chain-o-lakes to be included!! Thanks for posting this as it's good to remember.
Anonymous said…
well HR I hope your trip isn't cut short by a budget battle but I am afraid you had better be prepared to travel at midnight tonight. So just how is that going to work??? The park will be closed and just who is going to be working past midnight to make you leave????
On a happier February years ago my wife and I spent a long weekend at Turkey Run. We saw over a dozen Pileated Wookpeckers so keep you eyes open! Birdman
vanilla said…
Politics and politicians. Phhfft.
hoosier reborn said…

Stay of the vacation to follow.

Anon & Vanilla,

We were told that a decision would be made in time for the 6o'clock's that politics for you?
Enjoying our last night here.

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