a battle to fight, a beauty to protect

It's been a blog-worthy tumultuous and taxing week. Despite my reluctance to be involved in political quagmire...it seems this week it was difficult to side-step. I mean, geesh, I can't even find escape on my own personal blog.

As I've said before, I'm going through Wild at Heart with the 20x guys, which has my male thinking on high alert. It seems a number of opportunities to get together with guys this week helped in shaping some thoughts in my mind. Maybe most profound was last night when a buddy who I was talking about Wild with commented that my blog was my risk, danger and source of adventure. Hmmm. I can see that. Eldridge points out that not only do we seek the risk, but that every man needs a battle.

What's your battle? When the guys met last week one said to me, "you know, going out on your own...that's your battle". Maybe, and while it's been good....you won't catch me on the deck of a ship declaring victory.

With this last week's messiness I found myself saying again and again, "that's just not right, why can't they do what is right?" and probably most enraging was one hot-headed elected official's treatment of my wife. If you really want to get my ire up, take out your frustration with me on my wife or kids and see what happens. I think I'm beginning to understand my battle. It is a battle for what is right, really right...which may just mean being a loud voice for now. But at some point it will become a battle cry to do not only what is in the people's best interest, but also the best interest of our kids.
There's this beautiful piece of property-40 acres with a little farmhouse, wetlands, woods and some tilled ground way out on the west side of our county. Nice, quiet neighbors and a back porch you can kick your feet up on and watch the sun set. It would be an easy move to make. While I yearn for something like that, I sit here looking down from my window on river city and my gut says there's a battle to fight. I believe God designs us with a specific purpose in mind, equipping us for a battle to fight.......and most guys walk away and look back on their life with regrets. I don't want to have my feet up on the porch rail watching the sunset with feelings of regret.


Anonymous said…
In what ways has God been preparing you for this fight?
hoosier reborn said…
That's a good, solid accountability type of question! I think by two means: 1) total reliance on Him and 2) stripping away all of what in my mind I thought I needed for the battle.

Of course, all those could be unwrapped further.
Anonymous said…
I especially like your second answer. Reminds me of Gideon and his armies. Maybe God's going to show you just what he can do.

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