In God We Trust-and if that doesn't work, gambling

Does anyone else out there see the irony between our new license plates and the seemingly endless barrage of new gaming activity in Indiana?

Very boldly we proclaim on our new plates (which can be confused with Michigan's old plates) "in God we Trust". At the same time, I'm not sure there hasn't been an opportunity that this current administration hasn't taken that could possibly be gambled on. Between you and me, I understand bets are being taken on successful cow-tipping in Lagrange County-you can place bets at

OK-I don't believe in gambling-thought it was a mistake the Bayh administration made many years ago in establishing the state lottery-but it's been a republican administration to really push gaming to off-set shortages in funds. (seems like I remember someone saying we wouldn't be funding the state budget with times change). We NEED it to survive.

So I guess it isn't "In God we Trust" after all.........or maybe gambling's our insurance in case God doesn't come through. That's the trouble with mixing faith and politics, well, more on that later.


Anonymous said…
Who said "it's all about the money"; any capitalist alive. "Taxation without representation", only if we let them. "A smaller, better government", Ha Ha!

If we re-hiring this representation for the "special interests" and for "the Austrailians", we will just give "Mitch" more "muddy bricks" by which to build "the Indiana Road Home" on our path to "the American Way".

Can we possibly get back to "WE THE PEOPLE"! Any one who would look closely, can see that many government agencies can not effectively complete the "work on their desks". "Lack of desire"?, more likely "Lack of direction". Then there are those who we pay to regularly limit the interests of the "Individual American Citizen" while insuring the success of their "special interests" contributors.

"Show me the money!", not a good idea unless we want to be "the loser".

"Need a fix". Let's "get off the dime", "keep it simple" and "get back to the basics", "THE PEOPLES INTERESTS". Now that's better government.

If we can not add up the formula for property taxes right, maybe we need a simpler formula. Let's "spread the wealth" and give capialists "their fair share", and if we can not get off of the gambling addiction, we need to check this administration into rehab.
Anonymous said…
I guess I do not think the toll road issue was actually a bad move on mitch's part. It depends on how you look at it. the final analysis depends as much upon the community's stewardship of the monies obtained by the deal.... so if we look at most of our track records with government spending...the $$ will probably be squandered, so it will end up being seen as a bad move on his administration's part.
Anonymous said…
the ironic thing I see in this is that many of the casino's going up across our country are Indian casinos. I think they are getting the anglo/european settlers back by getting us addicted to the gambling vice.... after we stole away their land by getting them addicted to our whiskey vice.

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