The Big Old Pumpkin

My folks are in the process of house-clearing with the end goal of selling and downsizing.  A few things have migrated to our house, including a box of school items from my childhood.  I had always recalled a poem I wrote in 6th grade, and a trophy I received for it, but never knew what happened to it.  Well, there it was in the box.  I won a statewide competition for this piece of literary
work, and in honor of Halloween, here you go....

The Big Old Pumpkin

Hello, you big old pumpkin,
I've got to cut you up.
First I'll take your brain out,
And put it in a cup.
Now to cut your mouth out,
In a scary sort of way.
I'll cut your eyes and nose out
And set you in the hay.
Now to make you swallow
A big candle that's bright,
And get you all ready
For Halloween Night.

Even at 6th grade, a literary genius.  Happy Halloween.
And yes, there are more.


Anonymous said…
Nice to see you posting again. Enjoy the cheerful & hopeful posts the most.

hoosier reborn said…
Thanks-hopefully many more to come.
vanilla said…
Very nice, indeed. Now to carving the turkey!

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