Symbol of Sacrifice

The cross represents so much, doesn't it?  In it we find hope, redemption, love, that constant reminder of salvation in all its splendor and glory.  Of course, we understand all this would be impossible without the sacrifice made by God in His son, Jesus Christ.  And we understand how Christ laid down his life-this sacrificial act that brought us redemption.

I wonder, though, do we see the beauty in the cross as a symbol of sacrifice?  And what does that mean for us if we choose to "take up the cross" and follow Christ.  I think it's a stake in the ground for daily living in sacrifice.  In giving up our rights....and that's a painful thought, isn't it?

Through Christ's sacrifice we find life.  It would seem true that in our own personal sacrifices that new life can also be found.  The act of laying down your life, or rights, and the expectations you have in your life, if sacrificed, might produce the new life-a better life-than we could imagine for ourselves.  And most certainly through our sacrifice, new life for those around us.  Christ understood His sacrifice was for us; for whom or what should we make this sacrifice?  Daily nonetheless.

Through the years I've seen the cross in many different lights, but I tend to want to keep it up on the wall behind the pulpit where it can be safely admired from a distance.  I've never fully invited the cross to thrust through my spirit in a way that I think is demanded of us.  It's hard...because it casts a long shadow over the things I think are best for me, though they must pale in comparison to what God wants for me.  The cross is only beautiful because we understand what it led to....what was on the other side of death.  Life.

This Easter, and moving forward, I want my life to demonstrate the cross.  Not around my neck or tattooed on my arm, but I want it to become more powerful than my own will.  I want the cross to fill my spirit and pierce my heart until my will flows out like the blood and water from my Savior's side.  In that sacrifice can real life be found.


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