Three generations at LaPaz School

My grandmother's diploma from LaPaz High School, 1941.  It has a nice graphic of the school in the center of the diploma, unlike my grandfather's which came from Bremen High School.

I first wrote about going to LaPaz Elementary School on this blog a few years ago.  Since that time, I've written a few posts, but I don't know if I shared that I was the third generation in my family to attend the school.  Recently, while going through a few boxes of old photos, I came across class pictures of my dad's class and my grandmother's classes from their elementary years.  So I thought I would find one of mine from about the same grade and place them in a row.  My dad, Jack, and my grandmother-who evidently went by "Rosy"-had their class pictures taken outside of the building-it appears to be outside of the 1928 consolidated school (just outside the music room for those LaPazites).  By the time I was attending LaPaz, it was only an elementary school and it seems like we always had our class photos taken inside the building.  In my picture, we are standing in the gym in front of the stage.  I certainly miss this old school!

My grandmother's second grade class at LaPaz School, c. 1931.  My grandmother's on the top row, second kid from the right.  Check out the kid on the bottom row with his hands over his face!

My dad's third grade class at LaPaz School, c. 1955.  My dad's on the bottom row with his arms crossed.

My second grade class at LaPaz Elementary, 1977.  I'm on the bottom row, first kid on the right.  The kid on the opposite side from me, bottom row, and I became best friends and got together just last night-37 years later.  And I'm friends with several of these kids on Facebook!


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