He's on his soapbox again: Syria and Obamacare

I've had so many blogposts with political bents spinning in my head, but then I get distracted, cynical, or just plain apathetic that the fervor for what I wanted to write goes from a boil to a slow simmer.

But not this time.  Pick your topic.  Chemical weapons in Syria, corporations ending healthcare for their employees, the general decline of education in Indiana, or how amazing my wife is.......she told me to write that.

Let's start with chemical weapons.  I don't care what your position is really, but I think we could all agree that they shouldn't be used, much less on children.  So-if we start there, what can we do?  I just find it so odd that the folks decrying this the loudest are the same ones who went into the last half dozen sovereign nations with guns a'blazin.  But this is different.....it's a Democrat in the White House and now all of a sudden we're about keeping our nose in our own business?  I don't know who the bad guys are, maybe they all are, but it seems to reason that at the very least we could target or control chemical weapon stockpiles.

I mean, if we feel that we shouldn't get involved unless it spills over into another country, then I guess the logic would hold up that so long as Hitler had stayed in Germany and ONLY exterminated German Jews with gas, well.......that's ok.  And maybe it's too much of a leap, but why is it my pro-life colleagues can stand back and watch children go through writhing convulsions to their death and that's ok?

I find it sad and disturbing that Britain's debate on supporting our action in Syria rested on "fool me once USA, shame on you.....fool me twice, shame on me."  Of course they were referring to the non-existent chemical weapons in Iraq under GW's watch.  Way for us to be the leader of the free world.  If Obama hasn't made his case, shame on him.  If we have the ability to prevent another mass killing of children and we don't, shame on us.  I might mention that a former US soldier-turned congressman from Illinois essentially said the same thing. And guess what.....he's a Republican.

I'll skip standing on my soapbox concerning education for now, but this blog has a date with Mr. Bennet and a privatized Purdue coming soon.  As for now.....well.....let's talk Obamacare.

The sky is falling.  Seriously.  Chicken little posted it on facebook just today.
Actually I took great comfort in the fact that the Kroger Corporation is ending some of its health care benefits and pointing people to state health exchanges.  Do you not understand how this translates as good news for us folks who buy health insurance?

The more people who are independently seeking out and purchasing health insurance for their families, the more health insurance companies, and possibly providers, will have to COMPETE for individual customers.  Competition generally means LOWER COSTS.....or have my fellow Republicans forgotten this?  This is the beauty and one saving grace of Obamacare-that we (independent business owners and self-insurers) would actually be able to get into exchanges and reap some of the benefits that group policies allow for employer-funded coverage.  Lower costs.  More competition.  I still believe the BEST way to lower health care costs and relieve huge financial burdens from business is to fully do away with employer-funded health insurance coverage.  It works for home and auto insurance, it would work with health insurance.  My guess is that their lobby is too large, and at least in Indiana......we're too politically charged to set up the exchange, protecting corporations over people.

Coming soon.....Tony didn't ben'it, he broke it.


Unknown said…
Stay on your soapbox buddy, I'll even be happy to pick you up and put you there--and I have a bad back!

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