Suburban Rage

Not the actual offender
Aside from occasional political rants, which I hope are at least somewhat informative, I don't typically go off on tangents.  I'd like to think I'm more evolved, possibly spiritually mature enough, to hold it together and let it go.  But I have to say this to the new silver suburban with Michigan plates at my son's school....

YOU, SIR, ARE.....(fill in the blank)!

When my wife's job expanded from part time to full time at the beginning of this year, I tried to pick up some of the slack by doing some of the chauffeuring needed by our two kids.  Two days a week my daughter stays late after school for orchestra, so I have to pick up my son.  And this is what I've realized at his school, unlike my daughter's elementary school......some of those parent's need some common decency training.

Sitting in the parking lot, usually just 1/4 to 1/3 full, I watch as SUV after SUV dart through the parking lot and back into areas striped for no parking.  Now, the guys who laid out the parking lot didn't just decide that stripes would look pretty in an angled design near crosswalks and drives.  They did it for safety reasons.  When you've got your massive SUV parked over the top of these "no parking areas" other SUVs driving at speeds way too fast, cannot see around the corner and will plow down kids and adults alike in the parking lot.

But today took the cake when a new silver suburban with Michigan plates pulled up, not even on the angled stripes, but this time partially blocking the drive.  And when he left he drove over the lawn because he was too lazy to back up.  Prior to today he at least parked on the angled stripes-too lazy for that infraction now I guess.  I'm considering parking to block him in some day-no less illegal.

Now-call this the rantings of an old fart who was maybe brought up a little-heck-a LOT differently than the violators in the parking lot, but I would think a little common sense and common decency should be in play in a parking lot full of little kids.  Am I wrong?  I realize I got started a little late in the kid department and that many of these parents are 10 years my junior......but c'mon, what, did we seriously raise this generation?

I considered snapping a picture of the silver suburban, but figured that may invite gunfire.  And I thought about asking if the Michigander understood what angled lines mean in parking lots....trying to give him the benefit of the doubt-maybe it doesn't mean the same in Michigan.  I figured that wouldn't end well either.  My pastor sits in the parking lot too.....I'd hate for him to see me go into full-blown parking lot rage.  He drives a suburban too.

There are two or three of River City's finest who pick up their kids at my son's school.  It would be nice if they could tap on the windows of the perpetrators and just remind them to practice safe parking.....I think that would go over much better than if I did it.

There, I'm done.


vanilla said…
Even one who is properly evolved and spiritually mature is entitled to a rant on occasion. But the expectation of common decency? Well, decency is not so common these days.
Anonymous said…
"go ahead make my day"......I suppose the creaton was on his phone too?!
hoosier reborn said…
Right on Vanilla.

Actually the creaton drives the red 4x4 pick-up truck with chrome testicles. He also parks illegally on most days.

Anonymous said…
oh bull balls! another man compensating for his own inadequacies!
Anonymous said…
Dear "Blogger"- I love the age of technology these days when anyone with a Commodore 64 desktop computer with their floppy drive and dial-up connection can find a forum where as to voice their thoughts, as Kim Jong rants as well, no matter how maniacal they are. Your vision of gun slinging Hopalong Cassidy thoughtfulness "YOU,SIR,ARE....(fill in the blank)! "Im considering parking to block him in" and oh the most spiritual "I'd hate for him to see me go into full-blown parking lot rage" leads me to believe you have deep anger issues and concerns me enough to notify the school district on your violent tendencies. Escpeially around an environment of our school children. The only meaningful rant that you see thru your red eyes is the constant issue of traffic at all of the schools. Beyond my parking in the back lot at an angle or as you expain over strips as at least 5 other cars do on a daily basis (but you seem to only care about me awwww how cute) I see people parking in handicap parking, allowing their children to dart toward their parents vehicle without supervision, parking in the grass (mainly at Webster school), not stopping at stop signs oh and I can not forget the kind gesture of allowing cars to pull out one at a time from other lanes. You have no conceptual clue how safe and caring I am not only for my own children and their safety but the safety of other children. Especially the ones walking on the side of the road toward the High School pushing one another and the occasional rock throwing at cars and fighting along the road. Your inept attempt at showing care for the safety of children only put yourself in the dark abyss of anger, violence and a concern for rage on our schools property. I will save you the time effort to not only notify our citys finest of my slanted parking but notify them of a more serious issue and that of a man with built up anger and rage in so close of proximity of our children. Thank you so much for standing out as you did so others can keep and eye on you and your actions. Maybe your pastor needs to have some one on one time spent with you.
Anonymous said…
Hey Mr. Personality, I think you just proved his point!

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