Political Menagerie

How have you been weathering the political storm during the course of this primary season? I've thrown together this little menagerie, which seems to be the right term, of thoughts.

Gone are the days, I think, when we could rely on true statesmen to represent us in public office. I had always put Richard Lugar in that ultimate class of politician/public servant. I've been so disappointed with his campaign ads born out of desperation for political survival. Several weeks ago Senator Lugar started his attack on President Obama-proving to his constituents back in right of right Indiana that he's no moderate. Then he started his attack on Murdock, maybe justly so, showing his absentee record to be something we should be concerned about. I think if Murdock was elected, he would be certain to show up to push his agenda through. That's what we should be concerned about.

Driving down U.S. 31 and across Highway 24 it seems that Murdock has either a real groundswell of support, or a few lackies from some campus Republicans' club that are doing their best to convince travelers of Hoosier highways to vote for Murdock. I think it's the latter....don't ask me why, but something about the rather regular intervals of "Retire Lugar" signs with "Murdock" signs placed on state right of ways, makes me believe the support isn't local. And someone should probably tell those kids it's also against the law to put signs there. I guess breaking the law is less important than getting out the vote.....something we see far too often around here.

I think I would have rather seen Lugar lose the primary and leave with his dignity intact than to appear to pander to the lowest common denominator of the party. But if we do elect Murdock.....well......we get what we deserve.

I had hoped Santorum would have won Ohio. Not because I'm a Santorum fan, but I'd really like to see an open convention this summer.....and there may still be a chance. It is wholly possible that the GOP may end up with a far better candidate if that happens. If your household pays attention to the news like we do, maybe you've heard this comment "they all just kinda creep me out". They kinda do, don't they? Romney is like a pompous Frankenstein, Santorum is like Howard Dean (waiting for the whooaaa-eeee-yahhhh), Newt is like, well.....Newt. Which leaves Ron Paul as seemingly the most normal candidate-and probably the most honest. Which evidently only attracts 10-20% of our party. That's crazy......and maybe Paul too.

My prediction for the fall: Romney will likely end up the GOP nominee (but I've said that months ago). He will go on to beat President Obama (also said that months ago). The reality is that it will have nothing to do with anything other than the public's perception of the economy. This was true with Carter, Bush Sr. (the last quarter of 1992 was on the upswing), Bush Jr.'s legacy for McCain, and it will be true for Obama. The economy, or the perception of its health, really, is the only factor in presidential campaigns. My grandfather once said "people vote their wallet". That seems true-for us to go from one extreme in electing Barack Obama, to what will be certain to be the other extreme in electing Mitt Romney. Not that either one of these men's policies are extreme.....but seriously, people thought President Obama was/is the anti-christ, and black nonetheless, and Mitt is part of what most christian groups would consider a cult.

And what is up with Rush Limbaugh? True colors folks. The thing that was more disturbing to me wasn't necessarily the names he used (it's like I expect that out of him), but his comments two days later. He actually suggested having videos posted online of women engaged in certain activities if they desired to have birth control included in their health insurance......I'm sure he was trying to be funny, I hope, but that should have sent chills down the spines of all my good christian friends out there who listen to this guy....and quickly, and finally, turned his loud mouth off for good. I used to listen to Rush all through college. I've grown up since then.

And this may not be political, but it did make me roll my eyes. When Jim Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, offered $50k to the tornado victims in southern Indiana......did anyone else want to slap him around a bit? Add insult to injury a few days later when Peyton Manning was let go. C'mon Irsay-that would be like me dropping a nickel in the Salvation Army kettle over the sound of trumpets. If you're going to donate-great-keep your mouth shut with such a small amount......if you really wanted to use a donation as a way to spur others on to give, say you'd match up to $1 million. You saved over 20 of those by letting Manning go.....and Indianapolis will never be the same.


vanilla said…
Put it behind, early on. Anyone who wants to be president is not smart enough to be president.

Here's the scenario: open convention, Mitch is nominated!
Anonymous said…
Unbelievable and we actually let someone like vanilla be involved in education! Perhaps he wasn't smart enough?
hoosier reborn said…
I think Vanilla was just trying to get my goat since he knows how much I love Mitch....so, play nice!

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