the gang & young vocals

The gang at LaPaz

We weren’t jocks-that’s for sure. In fact, I and another buddy were usually the last picked for teams in gym. But I don’t know that we were the geeks either, but in elementary school we had a good gang that often found us at each others’ houses on Friday nights. The gang was Greg, Scott (Mike), Jeff N., Russell, Jeff S., sometimes Ricky, and me. We got together and watched movies and played Star Wars or war outside. There was a falling out our 6th Grade year-I’m not sure why that was, but I do remember being punched by Scott. Scott later came to my defense when I was cornered by a guy we called "watermelon head" because his head was way too large for his body-kids are cruel-I know.

But I also recall my buddies abandoning me when I became trapped in the partially subgrade bathroom by a guy named Dino. Dino was in my class but had obviously flunked a few times given that we were 5th graders and he had a mustache. Dino asked a pretty elementary question during sex education to which I made a smart comment, then told all the girls. Dino came for blood as I cowered in one of the stalls. I remained friends with Jeff S., with whom I would switch to a private school, and Scott. Jeff would become my best man, and I, his. Unfortunately Scott and I drifted apart toward the end of high school, though I could always count on him to want to camp out in our woods.

that's me singing on the right

Elementary music programs

In at least two school programs the music teacher pegged me to be one of the leading vocalist. If there were other programs I participated in, I don’t recall, but I do know that I was one of the children in an elementary school version of “The Sound of Music” and I sang opposite Jill in a 4-H inspired program. I believe we were supposed to be two lovers stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel as we sang “I’m at the top of the world, lookin’ down at creation…”. Then my voice changed and all hope of my rock star career was dashed as my perfect tenor went into a squeaky bass.


Anonymous said…
So will it still be "my man Mitch" if he succeeds in gutting the County Extension services and indirectly kills the 4-H progam in the process?????
hoosier reborn said…
This goes back to a previous post..."first they came for the trustees, but I didn't care, I wasn't a trustee". It will take a long time for the average person to catch on to what is happening in Indiana. By then it will be too late.
Anonymous said…
I am not sure every county needs an extension office. What I object to the most is the slash and burn technigue used by Mr. Napoleon ooops I mean Daniels.
hoosier reborn said…
Jeff Speer, Greg Gootee, Ricky Williams (top), Jeff Nolan, Mike (Scott) Jones (middle), Russ Snider (bottom)
Angi said…
I recognized another boy too...It is Jeff Nolan, and it was Russ!! Thanks! I did a lot of camping and things w/ the Nolens in Jr. High and High School, w/ my best friend Lynn and her family. Russel's brother Brian and I were in the same grade, his parents were my teachers at LaVille. So many great memories! Just began talking to Russ and his dad on facebook recently.
Jane said…
I remember some of those guys! Younger than me but Scott Mike) & brother Carl rode same bus,I worked w/ Greg at Dog & Suds, Jeff Nolan's brother in my class & I think I remember John Speer also in same class.

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