stinging words from 1985

We are still sorting through boxes that were quickly stacked in our rush to move this past January. That led me to the basement over the weekend to sort through a few odds and ends that seemed to be better off at Goodwill than our basement. But then there were a few items that seemed better to be packed into my "trunk" which is a virtual time capsule of my high school and college days.

Now-where did I put the trunk? I just found that while cleaning out the closet. So this morning I pulled out the trunk and once I opened it, realized that everything became a jumbled mess in the move. So I began to pull out the relics, and ruins, from my past and came across something I wrote in October of 1985....25 years ago when I was a naive 17 year old.

"only when I live my life at its very best will it be a benefit to others, only a life lived to benefit others is a life worth living"

The words stung.

Then I came across the picture above (that's PNW on the right) and remembered who it was that wrote those words. I think that helped reset my compass so to speak.


Anonymous said…
Is that Bobby Darren??? 50's teen heart throb???
Anonymous said…
funny word verification on this last post "bunreer"
Anonymous said…
I really should spell check more often "Darin"
hoosier reborn said…
ok-I had to go looking for a picture of Bobby Darin, 'cause I didn't have a clue. I don't see the resemblance...nor can I understand how that guy was a heart throb.

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