300 x 2 = 600 posts...arghhhh!

X 2

You may not have known this, but I am a huge 300 fan. Probably my all-time favorite movie. So, any time I land on a milestone on Hoosier Happenings, I go back to my faithful 300 collection of pics and try to cleverly work in the milestone.

This marks my 600th post. Unbelievable....especially since my blog-breakdown earlier this year held up 600 for a good couple of months. Blogging for me has endured for almost 3 years now. Many in the cyber world of latest and greatest say that blogging is dead. That may well be. But I like to keep spilling out dribble......and since my doctor recommended starting the blog.....well, I guess it's therapeutic too.

So, in 600 posts we have covered about every topic under the sun. And some topics I should have left well enough alone. We've seen some major changes, including the most significant one, a base-camp move to Sycamore Hill. I have a long list of additional posts I keep working through and I'll continue my musing until Blogger pulls the plug.

But, while we're on the 300 theme....I thought it all too appropriate last week as I traveled Indiana Highway 350 to pass through the burg of Sparta. So without further adieu (and obviously you won't get this if you haven't seen the movie)
THIS IS SPARTA (Indiana) !

Seriously folks, this is pretty much it!


vanilla said…
Congratulations on the mile"post".
I'm getting close to that number, and since it's for my own amusement it doesn't matter to me that blogging is "on it's way out." I, like you, still enjoy it.
Keep writing.
hoosier reborn said…
thanks Vanilla. I like the mile "post"-will have to use that for future celebrations. Best to you as you continue your own musings!

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